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Tis the Season to Be Safe

Winter can be beautiful, with fresh layers of glistening white snow coating the trees and a shiny layer of frost on the grass. But winter can also be dangerous, and everyone should know the right winter safety tips to stay safe and enjoy this chilly time of year. From low visibility on the road to icy sidewalks, there are many ways that someone can suffer an injury in the winter. And sometimes, it’s not our fault.

Always Check Weather Conditions – Winter weather conditions can change from one minute to the next. Always check the weather before you leave the house, and be aware of any predicted storms coming your way.

Practice Safe Driving in Winter – Understand the best winter driving tips and safety precautions before you hit the road. These precautions include lowering speed, snow removal from the roof of your car, and keeping a safe distance behind other cars.

Wear Proper Winter Clothing – If you’re walking in the winter, make sure you’re wearing enough layers and proper winter boots. When you slip and fall on ice, winter boots can help absorb the impact or prevent you from slipping as much.

Keep an Emergency Car Kit – If you travel anywhere, regardless of the season, you should have an emergency car kit in your vehicle. Keep it stocked with essentials like extra food and water, blankets, and flashlights. For winter driving, your emergency car kit should include a few extra things, like a folding shovel, first aid, booster cables or gloves