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As we enter the holiday season and start getting in the Christmas mood, it’s crucial to think about how staff and families might be affected during this time. There are very often additional responsibilities and lots of at-home tasks for everyone to catch up. Or think about. Or even worry about. There are changes in weather and driving habits, shifts in work/life balance and, often, additional strains on the families. All of this can affect workplace performance and employee safety. Shop FIRST AID & SAFETY KITS for the perfect gifts, it is essential to consider holiday safety during these busy times.

Drunk and Drowsy Driving

Drowsy driving can be as a result of many things including working overtime in the busy December period; having friends and family visit; or even just the exhaustion of preparing food, presents and everything else required for Christmas. Distracted driving is more dangerous in the winter, compared to other seasons. 

The first step to prevent it is to train all employees to inspect their vehicles and ensure winter-readiness. Make sure that your employees have the right protective gear and high-vis jackets available to avoid workplace accidents and fatalities. Also, check that the appropriate traffic control measures are in place and working. Check to make sure that they’re appropriately instructed on how to drive and operate vehicles in winter weather conditions. Finally, check if the emergency kits are available to deal with any issues.

Emergency kits for the winter for vehicles should include:

  • Blankets, gloves and a hat 
  • Water and snacks
  • Emergency flares
  • Booster cables and a tow chain
  • A flashlight and batteries
  • A snow brush, ice scraper and shovel 
  • An emergency cell phone or radio
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Since it’s a busy season, you should take extra precautions with staff. Whether they’re on production lines, construction sites or operating heavy machinery, employees should look out for the signs of fatigue to prevent workplace accidents. It’s important to remember in the case of fatigue, that winter illnesses such as cold, flu and sore throat also lead to tiredness. Staff with cough, temperature and other similar symptoms may have slower reactions.

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