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First Aid Kits are required to be in accordance with the newly developed Canadian Standards Association (CSA), CSA Z1220 – First Aid kits for the workplace.

CSA Workplace First Aid Kit Classifications – Workplace First Aid Kits shall be classified as follows:

Type 1: Personal First Aid Kit
An organization shall provide a Type 1: Personal First Aid Kit to all workers who work in isolation or those who do not otherwise have access to a workplace First Aid Kit.

Type 2: Basic First Aid Kit: small, medium and large
A Type 2: Basic workplace First Aid Kit is suitable for most workplaces with a low risk work environment. Basic First Aid Kit contains the minimum content requirements for each of the three sizes of Type 2: small, medium, large and is based on the number of workers at the workplace per shift.

Type 3: Intermediate First Aid Kit: small, medium and large
Intermediate First Aid Kit is suitable for workplaces with higher risk level work environments. A Type 3 kit contains all of the items in a Type 2 kit in accordance with CSA requirements plus additional items to meet the needs of workplaces with an increased risk of First Aid events in a higher risk environment.

Selection of First Aid Kits

CSA has provided the following recommendation to help businesses determine which kit is suitable for their workplace.

To ensure that workplace First Aid Kits are readily accessible to all workers and that the particular configurations of workplaces can be accommodated, workplace First Aid Kits of different sizes (small, medium, and large) may be used in various combinations in accordance with table above. For workplaces with more than 100 workers, First Aid Kits should be proportionally distributed in the workplace.

Note: Workplace First Aid legislation differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction in Canada. It is the user’s responsibility to determine how applicable legislative requirements relate to this Standard.

Selection of Workplace First Aid Kits Guidelines

  1. In determining the workplace First Aid Kit classification, size, and number, the organization should consider the level of risk for the specific workplace environment; the organization will need to complete a workplace risk assessment of their work environment to determine the level of risk. Note: Additional workplace First Aid Kits might be required, depending on the outcome of a workplace First Aid risk assessment. For guidance on conducting a workplace First Aid risk assessment, see CSA Standards manual.
  2. The layout of the workplace (e.g., multi-level workplaces, high-rises); The distance from emergency medical services and/or the response time for emergency medical services; Note: Response times for emergency medical services vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In addition, response time can be impacted by the type of workplace being served (e.g., a high-rise building).
  3. Workplaces with a small number of employees dispersed over a wide area could have differing First Aid requirements in different areas; and that workers in remote or isolated areas could require additional First Aid equipment and supplies.

WASIP’s assortment of CSA First Aid Kits covers the minimum requirements for the quantity and size (small, medium, or large) of First Aid Kits necessary for different workplace environments based on the number of workers at the workplace per shift. The quantities of the items provided in kits are minimum requirements in accordance with CSA standards. An organization may augment the minimum requirements for First Aid Kits in the workplace to account for any specific workplace hazards or risk or to address other
site-specific conditions.


First Aid kits and equipment should be located at or near the workplace that they are intended to serve; and readily accessible during working hours. Every organization should ensure that each worker is aware of the location of the workplace First Aid Kit(s) and any associated equipment or supplies.

The minimum requirements for the contents of a workplace First Aid Kit, its classification (Type 1, 2, or 3) and size (small, medium, or large), and the number of kits required in any particular workplace should be determined by the number of workers at the workplace per shift in accordance with Table provided.

An organization should undertake a workplace First Aid risk assessment to determine the classification of First Aid Kit required for its work environment and to identify any additional supplies necessary to address particular site-specific conditions.

In reference to the new Canadian Standards Association (CSA), CSAZ1220-First Aid Kits; it is recommended that a qualified safety auditor complete a thorough risk assessment on the customer’s workplace to determine the appropriate selection of First Aid Kits.

CSA Z 1220 Section 5.5 Workplace First Aid Requirements
Type 3: Intermediate First Aid Kits