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MAY 22 – 28: Paramedic Services Week

During Paramedic Services Week, we celebrate and thank workers on the front lines of our public healthcare system.

WASIP Ltd. is proud to recognize and celebrate Paramedic Services Week this year from May 22-28 – a time to show our gratitude and appreciation to the paramedics who work every day to keep us and our communities safe.

The theme for Paramedic Services week 2022 is Faces of Paramedicine “. The Paramedic Profession involves many, many more people to make it successful in delivering out-of-hospital care in both acute and non-acute environments than Paramedics. It is these additional professionals that in addition to the paramedics on the streets that we celebrate this year recognizing the many “Faces of Paramedicine”.

The week will focus on different specialties within the Paramedic profession and will have the below sub-themes for each weekday.  We encourage Paramedic Services and Organizations to highlight the many people in their respective organizations on the applicable day.

Monday — Communication (9-1-1 Dispatch)
Tuesday — Civilian and Community Paramedic
Wednesday — Specialties (CBRNE, Marine, Military, Tactical, Critical Care/Air)
Thursday — Educators and Research
Friday — Support Services (logistics, fleet, procurement, OHS)
Saturday — Recognition Day (for all paramedics)