About our company.



Over thirty years ago on a summer night in 1984 from the basement of their family home, John and Helen Brindley decided to risk their retirement savings and the relaxing retirement lifestyle by purchasing and rebuilding a small business called WASIP Ltd.  John, having 20 years of international business experience in manufacturing personal protective equipment (PPE) and Helen’s full support to try something new, decided to embark on a new business plan. Their entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and strong code of ethics laid the building blocks of our company identity and helped WASIP become one of today’s trusted suppliers of quality personal protective equipment, first aid kits, medical supplies and industrial work clothing.


Always Keep an Entrepreneurial Mindset

WASIP hums with a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and upholds a business environment that focuses on fair trade, where products innovators, service providers, vendors and buyers all experience an evolving relationship that allows everyone to learn and prosper.

Continuous Innovation and Product Development 

WASIP takes its product development seriously and is committed to increasing market share so that its customers, employees and suppliers all benefit from its growth. Our experienced team and warehousing facilities meets today’s challenges locally, nationally and internationally.

Constantly Strive for Business Efficiencies

WASIP continues to maintain its flexibility and continues to strive for efficiencies in every aspect of our business to ensure we meet the needs of boutique dealers, independent regional distributors and larger multinational companies.

Remain Customer & Service Focused at all times

Our adaptability to continuous change has allowed us to develop a thorough understanding of customers needs enabling us to provide quality products at competitive prices. Our products are supported by unwavering dependable service; helping you and your company to be a success!


It is our passion and utmost priority to make every effort to give you the peace of mind that we are always working to keep consumers protected, workplaces safe and economies strong. Our commitments and goals will not be compromised for short term gains. The long term stability of WASIP ensures a reliable quality product for our consumers to PUT IT ON. Our team looks forward to partnering with you today!